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(Zachary Quinto adalah aktor, sutradara, sekaligus produser film. Sudah pernah wara-wiri sebagai aktor pendukung dalam beberapa serial TV Amerika Serikat seperti "CSI" dan "24", sebelum namanya mulai makin dikenal lewat perannya sebagai pembunuh berdarah dingin dan berkekuatan super bernama Gabriel 'Sylar' Gray dalam serial TV "Heroes". Lalu Zack menjadi Mr.Spock dalam film "Star Trek" versi terbaru. Saya mengagumi sosoknya yang sederhana, rendah hati, namun pekerja keras dan berbakat.)

I fell in love with you when I first saw you on TV. I didn’t even care you were playing the villain. I was always waiting for you every episode. It had somehow crushed me when you didn’t turn up.

            It had always made me feel happiest when I finally saw you. I didn’t even care if you had to kill other players, kiss your female co-stars, and so on.

            I know, I know. It sounds like an unhealthy obsession, right? Well, no worries. First of all, I’m no longer a ga-ga school girl or a star-struck teenager. I know you only do your job – and man, you’re doing it well.

            Still, I follow your Twitter account and FB page. I try to catch up with your latest work, even when we come from two different countries. I loved when you played the young Spock twice. (Speaking of which, are you guys going to film the third instalment? What will it be like?)

            There’s something so special about you, even when we don’t know each other. I only know you from your work – and also some news, although I choose not to pay attention to rumours about you. I just care about your work because you do. I know you want the world to pay more attention to what you do, not just...YOU.

            “I don’t care who you love; you’re great at what you do.” I hope you’ve read what I’d sent you. I suppose I love you like my mama loved Rock Hudson when she was much younger. You didn’t have to reply to me; just keep on working – whether it’s acting or directing. No need to worry about bigots, just do what you love and listen to those who genuinely support you.

            Whatever happens, I still refer to you as “Sexy Zack”, because that’s how you are...ZQ. It’s your talent, dedication, and devotion to what you do that makes you...amazingly sexy.

            What would I do if I were your partner? Probably just like what yours is already doing, I hope - supporting you in every way.

            From the girl who loves you for you and your work too,

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